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This virtual world can be overwhelming at times, so can I understand the inner turmoil you most surely felt as you first read the links above.  "So much to see!  So much to do!" you thought. "What ever should I look at first?"  

Well, what's your poison?  Prose to tickle the mind?  Dreamy paintings to entice the imagination?  You're in luck!  Such delightful delicacies live in the world of David and Sarah Trustman.  

Too tame, you say?  Perhaps murder and intrigue are more your style. Incredible violence resulting in retina-singeing gore.  Luckily for you, we've got that too!  (Be sure to visit KARMA SPRINGS!)  Most importantly, please do not read GOD SLAP if you are inclined to offense.  We would like to keep you as a reader-friend.

Care to delve into the magical art of mnemonics, the art of memory viewed as the corner-stone of learning for thousands of years? With our groundbreaking graphic novel series, The Memory Arts, your mind will conquer feats you once deemed impossible!

Yes, there is great wealth to discover throughout these pages. Take a moment to explore, and you will soon traipse these virtual halls with ease!

Check out our TEDx Talk on the Art of Memory


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