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Comics and Memory.

My mind tells me a talk about memory should be boring but not with the Trustmans! Their talk at TRICS 2018 was charming, funny, informative, and most importantly really motivating. This was all due to the wonderful approach Sarah and David presented. Outstanding!

Scott Robinson - Founder, TRICS Convention

Absolutely mind-blowing! Seeing David and Sarah discuss and perform memory blows away any preconceived notions I had about the art from. They've opened my eyes to all the many possibilities that an understanding of the memory arts can provide.

Mike - Baltimore Comic-Con Panel Attendee


Sarah and David Trustman are internationally-respected memory experts, comic book creators, and co-authors of several highly acclaimed graphic novels on improving memory using mnemonics (visual approaches to aid memorization and learning). David and Sarah discovered the art of memory while studying stage magic. As they learned more about mnemonics, what started as fascination grew quickly into obsession. They believe passionately in the role of effective memory in learning and advocate for improvements in how memory is incorporated in school curricula. Now avid believers that everyone should have access to this life-changing art, there is nothing the duo loves more than teaching about mnemonics and comics to individuals and groups of all sizes, performing feats of memory involving the first 500 digits of pi, multiple shuffled and memorized decks of cards, and long, long lists of randomly called out objects.


Sarah and David are eclectic in their pursuits to say the least. David divides his time between berry farming and writing/illustrating comics (producing such notable works as THE RISE and the award-nominated GOD SLAP) and has been featured in numerous art galleries for his watercolor comic art. Sarah’s varied background spans early-childhood education, music, and theater. When not studying or writing about mnemonics, she spends her free time as an advocate for children’s education. They live right outside of Raleigh, North Carolina with their two children, two dogs, three rats (named for mnemonists Bruno, Pliny, and Gregor), and their small flock of chickens.

To have Sarah and David speak at your school, business, club, convention, or event please email BookDavidandSarah@TrustmanCreations.com


The Trustmans

When it comes to memory and comics, they do it all! 
And what's more, they will work with you to create a custom experience that surpasses expectation.


David and Sarah have been featured speakers at such notable venues as TEDx MidAtlantic (the largest of the TEDx stages), Magi-Fest (America's oldest annual magic convention), and TRICS, just to name a few.
Whether you are looking for a brief 10-20 minute engaging and inspiring introduction to mnemonics, or a longer, in-depth exploration into memory and learning, the Trustmans will tailor their presentation to fit your audience. With dazzling feats of memory peppered throughout unique instruction, your audience not only walk away amazed, but also with new life-changing skills!

Comic Conventions

As creators of many popular indie comics and the first graphic novel series to teach mnemonics, Sarah and David love appearing at cons! 

The duo also panels on various topics, ranging from magic in comics, to gender in comic creation, to using comics to teach memory. Their addition of memory performance is sure to make any panel engaging and fun! 

Children's Education

David and Sarah offer a wide variety of classes for kids of all ages, including "How to Make Your Own Comic", "Making A's with Mnemonics", and "Memory and Magic."  Lessons can be customized to fit within an already established curriculum. If you are interested in having the Trustmans visit your classroom, school, library, or camp, contact for more information.

Street Painting, Gallery Showings

A self-taught artist, David's watercolor comic art has been featured in numerous art galleries. Most unique, is the instillation of custom Memory Palace Location pieces, enabling even the casual observer to create their own memory palace of ideas and information.

When not working with watercolor, David likes to break out the chalk and create larger-than-life street paintings, with chalking partner, Karen Coachman

Adult Education

Sarah and David provide engaging classes for adults. Their popular "Write It: Graphic Novels" class covers everything you need to know about creating your own comic or graphic novel, from brainstorming, to story boarding, to publishing options. Their "Teaching with Mnemonics" class empowers educators and can be tailored to fit any level of teaching, elementary to university. The Trustmans also offer various mnemonics courses covering a wide variety of topics, from general life improvement to memory performance for magicians. 


Are you looking to add mnemonics to your life in a more personal way? Perhaps you are a performer or speaker, and would like to wow your audience with feats of memory. Or perhaps you simply recognize the value that a trained memory would bring to your life. Whatever the reason, David and Sarah offer fully customized one-on-one training sessions, in person or via video chat.