Trustman Creations

Sequential Art, Fine Art, and Memory.



Sarah and David are eclectic in their pursuits to say the very least. David divides his time between berry farming and writing/illustrating comics (producing such works as THE RISE and the award-nominated GOD SLAP). David has been featured in art galleries for his watercolor comic art. Sarah’s varied background spans early-childhood education, music, and theater. She spends her free time as an advocate for children’s education. They live right outside of Raleigh, North Carolina with their two children, two dogs, three rats (named for mnemonists Bruno, Pliny, and Gregor), and their small flock of chickens.


David and Sarah discovered the memory arts while studying stage magic. As they learned more about mnemonics,  what started as fascination grew quickly into passion. Now avid believers that everyone should have access to this life-changing art, the duo regularly lecture and teach mnemonics to individuals and groups of all sizes, performing feats of memory involving the first 500 digits of pi, three shuffled and memorized decks of cards, and long, long lists of randomly called out objects.

To have Sarah and David speak at your school, business, or event please email Bookings@DavidTrustmanCreations.com