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Comics and Memory.


The only graphic novel series to teach mnemonics.


This groundbreaking series introduces the ancient art of memory and recollection, taught through images. 


Using time-tested visual memory techniques, you will absorb a story so sensational and outrageous that you will barely notice that you are committing an entire deck of cards to memory. As time goes on, the story falls away and you will be left not only with a fully-memorized deck of cards, but also with the skills and knowledge necessary to commit anything to memory!  


In the days of Plato and Aristotle, these systems were part of formal education, and for thousands of years their instruction has been passed down via written word, requiring the reader to translate those words into images. Recognizing that written letters are natural to none, The Memory Arts bypasses the unnatural for the natural, providing beautifully painted locations designed specifically for memory storage and retrieval. The Memory Arts provides a methodology so refined even a 6-year-old can learn how to memorize a shuffled deck of cards, a list of over 25 items that can be called back in any order, and countless phone numbers. The principles taught in this book are directly applicable to every area of life, be it business, math, history, public speaking, and more (even grocery shopping)!

Now with forward by Eight Time World Memory Champion Dominic O'Brien!


Coming soon!

The KIDS Memory Arts Series!  


Mnemonics: the study and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory.

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The Memory Arts


The Memory Arts Fundamentals, Book A

(For Muggles and Magicians alike!)

 The Memory Arts Fundamentals, Book B


A LOT is being said about The Memory Arts...


The Memory Arts is a great introduction to the World of Mnemonics. With colorful illustrations and strong story lines this book does all the heavy for you. It makes learning the secrets of Memory Palaces highly accessible to children and adults of all ages. By following the simple steps you will be on your way to achieving very impressive memory feats in a short space of time.

Dominic O'Brien - Eight Time World Memory Champion

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is one of the best new books I have read in years. After reading this book you may feel like you have super powers and can remember anything. All you have to do is remember to buy it!

Straight Talk Magic Reviews - Click here to read entire review

'The Memory Arts' is a valuable asset for anyone wishing to learn about the ancient art of memory techniques. It will prove to be of intense interest to those who have tried and failed to memorise a deck of playing cards; with its interactive approach to teaching a memorised deck in lightening speed. For the student looking to deepen their ability with memory, this will be a hugely valuable addition to their library.

Luke Jermay - Mentalist, Magician, and Writer

This is, without a doubt, one of the most important books in magic.....EVER!

Paul Romhany - Reviews, Vanish Magazine 

An innovative approach to learning about the greatest memory method of all: memory palaces. Through the joy of a beautifully written and illustrated book, you will end up with an instantly made, fully functional memory palace. Whatever you do with it, you'll have fun!

Dr. Lynne Kelly - Author of The Memory Code

'The Memory Arts' by Sarah and David Trustman is a fantastic read. It is indeed one of the best books on memory and beyond. The book is a great tool to better your skills and talents. I highly recommend it.

Uri Gellar - Magician and Television Personality

Sarah and David Trustman have been blowing away audiences for years with their memory work – and now you can tap into their knowledge and experience. Start memorizing entire decks of cards today!

Review, Magic Orthodoxy - Click here to watch entire review

A teaching tool of unforgettable charm. The art of memory uses your imagination to remember anything and everything. And, this book is f***ing gorgeous!

Dean Haspiel - Emmy and Ringo Award Winning Comix Creator

'The Memory Arts' is worth your time and attention. It is full of useful tools and systems that are both flexible and practical. You should read this, apply this, and enjoy this.

Chris Rawlins - Top Memory Performer

I have to say, I have conflicted feelings about telling people how great this book is-because there's a pretty big part of me that wants to keep this stuff secret, so people will be impressed and buy me drinks for memorizing cards without a clue as to how easy it is. I want everyone and their kids to read this.

Arun Rath - Journalist, Radio Host (NPR, PBS)

Mental agility is an essential tool in magic, and memory is right up there among the most important. The Memory Arts is a beautiful book with stunning illustrations that presents memory enhancing skills, in a fun, picturesque way.

Simon Aronson - Magician and Memorized Deck Expert

'The Memory Arts' book is the easiest and fastest way to learn [a deck of playing cards]! Flash cards, songs, and rote memory weren't sticking. In one day I read this book and learned the whole stack. Makes me feel foolish wasting all that time trying to learn it any other way.

Daryl Williams - Rocket Scientist turned Prolific Magic Effect Inventor