Trustman Creations

Sequential Art, Fine Art, and Memory.

Walks with Olga.

Trying Not To Get Eaten

I'm out on my daily walk with Olga when I come across two homeless men. One staggers to the guardrail where he very adeptly finds a good seat on one of the support posts. He begins fidgeting in his pocket, pulling out a plastic bag, inside of which was a small paper bag. By the time I reach him he has pulled his treasure out and begun smoking it. It is the small remainder of a blunt with a very odd smelling pot. I say hello and he grunts back to me.

Up ahead is his friend, apparently so drunk that even leaning against the rail seems to be a task in itself. He is looking into the creek which passes under the road. As I pass he says, "If I had a fishing pole I'd be getting all kinds of fish!"
"Yeah?" I reply, "That would be nice."
"I'm for real!" He exclaims, standing upright and nearly losing his footing in the process. " I took a picture of a fish the other day! Come back and see!"
And for some reason I turned around and walked back to him. As I approach, he turns away from me, reaching into his pocket in manner as if to conceal its contents. He withdraws a large, very nice smartphone. I am shocked, to say the very least, as I look back and forth between his smart phone and the large rip in the side of his filthy jeans that reveals half his leg as well as all of his red boxers.

Into his phone he types a 10 digit code, opens his pictures and plays a video. The location is exactly where we are currently standing, and from the trash in the creek it appears to have been shot within the past few days. Out of seemingly nowhere swims the largest fish I may have ever seen.
"Holy shit..." I mutter "You weren't fucking kidding! That fish is gigantic. Holy shit. Why don't you make a rod?"

He smiles at me knowingly. "I thought about it, and I tried to get down near the creek. But I heard footsteps. Let me tell you...there's creatures in them woods and I ain't messin' with 'em. I know better than that."
"What kind of creatures?" I ask.
"Well I ain't seen 'em, but I know it ain't foxes and it ain't people. But it is something in between." And then he shot upright once more, spinning around to depart leaving with these parting words, "Take it easy, man! I'm trying to eat! Not get eaten!"

The Lottery Winner

Just watched a very drunk guy at Food Lion announce that he was using his last 5 dollars to purchase a scratch ticket.
"It's my last five, last five!" He delightedly exclaimed over and over to anyone who looked at him and everyone who didn't. "I'm 'onna buy all that shit I need when I get paid, man! All 'at shit!"

He did not win. And when I left the store he was complaining loudly to a new friend "Shit man, that was my last five. I didn't think I could lose, you know? That's how they get you, that's how they get you...How am I going to find a job?"

Fuckin' Women!

I met someone today that I had to do a cartoon sketch of...

I'm walking on the Raleigh greenway and up ahead a weird looking dude spots me, then darts into the woods. He seems to change his mind and comes back out as I reach a distance from him of about ten yards. He looks at me, head cocked, left hand fidgeting in the front pocket of his brown pants. I'm surprised most by his du-rag for some reason.

"Hey man, I don't mean to bother you," he says, looking at me with needle point eyes. I try to figure out what he's about to pull from his pocket. He continues speaking, saying "You ain't happened to see a ferret on a leash runnin' around out here have you? I was letting him run around and I knew I shouldn't have! I'm only out here 'cause my girl kicked me out. Over a ferret! You believe that shit?!"

"Good luck." I told him as I walked by.

"Fuckin' women!" He screamed just as I passed by the remains of his lunch fire on the right of the path. Then I saw his tent on the left. And in the distance, once more I heard "FUCKING WOMEN!"

Chips N' Water

Sometimes I understand why people don't ask questions of strangers. I couldn't help myself and asked the kinda strung out woman in line in front of me why she was buying seven bags of 35 cent chips and two bottles of water at 8am.

"Cheap way to make baby food," she said nodding at the infant in her otherwise empty shopping cart. I looked to the cashier. She shrugged back at me, indifferently expressing the commonality of this, "Not the only one."